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Join the Marine Parks Association Today!

The Marine Parks Association is a non profit organisation. Buy a Marine Parks Association membership and/or make a donation to play an important part in supporting the conservation of our marine parks. As a member of the Marine Parks Association, you will recieve:

  • Bimonthly Newsletters with news on current research projects being undertaken/supported by the Marine Parks Association and up-to-date reports on both local and global issues relevant to marine parks.

  • Invitiation to participate in 'members-only' education and training events (additional fees may apply).

  • Opportunities to participate in and contribute to valuable research for the support and co-management of marine parks and sustainable marine resources.

  • Ability to view/download research and other published works by the Marine Parks Association.

  • Full site access

Membership Options:

  • Individual Membership. $30

  • Family Membership (a more economical choice for households with three or more family members)/Affiliate Organisations. $75

  • Corporate (please include your address for our Supports/Links page). $100

Buy a Marine Parks Association Membership

Once you have purchased a membership, you will recieve an email with details of your unique Marine Parks Association members login (Please be patient- membership may take up to a day to process). This log in will allow you access the the pages that are reserved exclusively for Marine Parks Association members. 







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